TARGET AMOUNT: 266.200 €
Min. purchase amount: 100 €
Secured by assets: Yes, in part ?
Planned profit of project: 243.166 € ?

Funded 23.085 € of the target amount 266.200 €

Non-binding share request

Users supporting the project



Czech company EIGEBET s.r.o., bussiness company number 27178196, deals with the production of concrete cast and vibrated elements for garden and park architecture in the wood and stone program. In the first quarter of 2020, the company successfully launched the production of these elements in the Czech Republic. After researching the market in Central Europe a decision has been made to expand to neighboring Slovakia. Due to the prepared expansion, the company needs financial resources, which it wants to obtain through the portal. At present, there is large market space in Slovakia for the special production of concrete elements of garden and park architecture.


Our concrete products still look like natural wood and stone, but they are characterized by high quality workmanship (color fastness, authenticity, frost resistance, strength). In the first phase, paving, palisades, curbs, gutters, stumps, flower pots and treads in wood decor will be produced. At the same time, the company will develop other types of products in the stone program (travertine, slate, etc.). The great advantage of the presented products in wood and stone decor is their visual and functional durability in contrast to real wood or stone.

At present, there is already a sales network of future customers in Slovakia, which include, for example: building materials, horticulture, hobby markets. The sale will be further realized through the website and e-shop. The author of the project already has a suitable object preliminarily agreed in Slovakia, and handles all necessary permits and certifications. All tests were performed in the Czech Republic, the recipe as well. Samples are made in various variations and shades.

From the obtained funds, the necessary machines and equipment will be purchased - a special EUROSTAR mixture mixer, the production will be adjusted and equipped with lifts, a laboratory, tables, racks, a saw, and a qualified service of the production process will be provided.



The authors of the project demand the amount of CZK 7,186,000 equivalent to EUR 266,200. The amount includes the purchase of technology and equipment, salaries, operating overheads, product development costs, preparation of marketing promotions, websites and other promotional materials.


The main goal of the project is to create a financially stable and prosperous company in Slovakia and to prepare for expansion to other European countries.



Mr. Pavel Žemla - company manager, 20 years executive and director of ADEN LP s.r.o. with annual turnovers of approximately EUR 3.000.000.

Ing. Jiří Martínek - project manager, economics, business strategy. Executive Director of WPM Group s.r.o., Sales Manager for the American company TVO Europes.r.o, Sales Director of ADEN LP.

Ing. Milan Libiš - chemist, technologist, practice-VVŠ Vyškov, Gumárny Zubří - development technologist, since 1995-production of special models and molds, products from composites and honeycomb materials incl. plastics, design and development of special concrete mixtures filled with glass and carbon fibers, production of models and molds for cast and vibrated concrete.



The author of the project states, that after a thorough analysis of competing products no competing product shows such perfect processing (authenticity of wood drawings, shades, etc.). Our products are painted in the entire profile, eg stairs. Stairs can be cut to the required lengths and the cut will still look like wood. The products meet all tests and laboratory tests for resistance to frost and pressure.



Price of machines and equipment including VAT

- Eurostar mixer: EUR 53,757 

- Lifts: EUR 22,222 

- production equipment - tables, racks, saws: EUR 22,222 

- production of molds: EUR 41,481

Operating costs in the first 4 months: EUR 126,518 

(rent, space modification, energy, wages, leasing, marketing, advertising, trade, fairs, promotional materials)

Total investment: EUR 266,200 



Turnover, costs and profit for the first year

Investment: EUR 266,148 

Turnover: EUR 1,033,074 

Costs without initial investment: EUR 789,907 

Profit: EUR 243,166 


Turnover, costs and profit for the second year

Turnover: EUR 1,239,700 

Costs: EUR 928,511 

Profit: EUR 311,188 


Turnover, costs and profit for the third year

Turnover: EUR 1,239,700 

Costs: EUR 928,511 

Profit: EUR 311,188 



For the purpose of the project, a new company will be established in Slovakia.

49% Eigebet s.r.o., current project owners


18% Free share for investors in the form of an indirect share

The newly created legal entity, established for the purpose of the project, will pay 80% of the company's profit in the first years and for the possible future settlement of invested funds of investors. In the event that the author of the project manages to meet the above-mentioned planned profit, the entire invested amount can be paid out within 3 years, instead of the specified 60 months.




Investor buys a business share in the company in the amount of 1%, for the price of EUR 14,788. Investor receives a regular payment of income in the amount of 1% of the company's total profit. If the company meets the estimates, payment of income for he particular investor will be EUR 2,431 for the first year (appreciation of 16,45% p.a.). In 2nd year, investor will receive EUR 3,112 (appreciation of 21,04% p.a.). In 3rd year, investor will receive EUR 3,112  (appreciation 21,04% p.a.). The return on investment is estimated at about 60 months. The data presented within the monetization were provided by the author of the project and are before the withholding tax.

The author of the project undertook to set aside up to 80% of the company's profits from the first years to pay out firstly the revenues and invested amounts of users. If this prediction is met, the author of the project reserves the right to buy back the share of users after three years for the amount of CZK 399,222 per 1% of the company and the payment of all current revenues. If the user decides to keep the business share, he is entitled to a regular annual income according to the size of his business share.


The project is assigned a Rating: B "Medium risk" - We assign this rating to projects that have no business history. Typically, these are start-ups or newly estabilished businesses. The capital here is mainly directed to services such as IT, marketing, advertising or technological development and purchase of materials. A smaller part of the capital is used for the purchase of tangible assets such as the production machines mentioned in the description. The project will be implemented by a company in which INVESTER will own a part of the business share.