How does it work?

Sign up and get the opportunity to participate in the profit of the selected project. Make better use of your money than is possible with banks or various financial products. You do not pay any fee to us. You can buy a business share in a project starting at CZK 1,000. At you can find projects such as real estate, technology, start-ups, emerging or already functioning companies and much more.



  • Purchase a direct business share and thus influence the start-up and subsequent running of the project
  • Purchase an indirect stake through INVESTER and have a worry-free revenue
  • Purchase a whole project with the possibility of becoming its new owner




Choose a project and order your share

In the selected project, choose the option of direct or indirect share. Choose how many percent of the total share you want to purchase and place your order. Watch how other investors are interested.

In the case of an indirect share, your business share is held by INVESTER and credits project profits to your user account throughout the lifespan of the project.

It is also possible to obtain a direct business share. This option is interesting for larger investors who want to become co-owners of the project and have the opportunity to influence it.



Great! Succesfully financed!

As soon as the project reaches the target amount, we begin with its implementation. This is carried out either by INVESTER or through a newly created legal entity. Implementation of the project always takes place in cooperation with the project author and stakeholders. INVESTER always acquires a business share in a newly created company and thus becomes a partner with all rights and obligations. If the project is not financed, we will refund the entire amount deposited.





We implement the project for profit

All efforts are now directed towards the successful development of the project. As it begins to generate profits, INVESTER begins distributing them to the individual shareholders. If you have opted for a direct share, you also have all the rights and obligations of a shareholder - you have full access to the business of the legal entity and you can examine its accounts.




Paying profit

We distribute profits to users based on the annual financial statements of the project. The user receives a profit corresponding to his / her percentage owned. Over time, the value of a stake in a business may increase many times over, depending on the company's economic performance. The user can then sell it to a potential buyer, whether that be to a private buyer or via the INVESTER platform.


Example investment

Obtaining an indirect business share

Michael chose to purchase an indirect share in the company “Imports of goods from Bali” worth CZK 200,000. He bought a 10% stake in the project. Since he chose an indirect shareholding, INVESTER holds the share for him. The project aroused the interest of other users and was jointly funded.

Profits are redistributed as part of the company's annual financial statements. INVESTER credits 10% of the company's profits to Michael's user account. Michael is entitled to regular annual payouts as long as the company exists and generates profits.

Since the company “Imports of goods from Bali” has grown into a medium-sized corporation operating in the foreign market after several years, Michael's share has already multiplied in value from the original CZK 200,000. Whenever Michael decides, he can sell his 10% stake to another buyer at a profit, be it to a private investor, INVESTER user or INVESTER itself.


Obtaining a direct business share

Zdeněk chose the option of buying a direct share. Together with other users, he met the target amount and financed the project. In the newly established legal entity "Imports of goods from Bali s.r.o." Zdeněk becomes a co-owner with all the rights and obligations related to his share in the company.

Together with the author of the project, he participates in decision-making on the direction of the project, has access to accounting and all other areas of the project. He also decides on the payment of profits, after tax, a part of which is paid directly to his bank account or in another form of his choice.



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