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INVESTER is a unique platform through which you can get the resources to carry out your business plan. Whether it is at the stage of an inspiring idea, start-up, stable business, or one-time event. We are cheaper than a loan from a bank. On top of that, you can get feedback from individual investors.

Optionally, we offer other services that will start your project faster, more efficiently, and with a much greater chance of success. We can provide assistance in areas such as financial and project management, human resources, marketing and communications, accounting, legal services, and company formation.

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The first step is to know the amount you are seeking for your project and the share you will offer to our investors. If you have a great idea and a well-crafted business plan but haven't generated many or any sales yet, it's better to aim lower and not set the share price too high. Promising startups typically release 1% of the company for an investment ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 CZK. If the nature of the project requires it, we can draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We require you to attach a business plan and a financial plan – if you don't have one, we can assist you in creating it.




First, we will evaluate and likely request additional information. It is crucial to thoroughly prepare the project from the beginning and provide as much relevant information as possible for potential investors. If we find the project interesting, we will sign a contract with you and create a project presentation. This presentation will then be showcased on our platform, where it can start attracting capital from our investors. Want to increase the chances of financing your project? Share on socials, showcase it, or take advantage of our payed active promotion service.




If the project gains sufficient support, it's time to celebrate! After signing the contracts, we will transfer you the funds, and the shares will be distributed between the project author (you) and the company representing our investors, kickstarting your business or expand your established venture! If the project doesn't secure funding, there's no need to despair. It's possible to try showcasing the project on the platform again, with an adjusted presentation based on feedback from our investors. We can also assist you with company beginings – from company establishment, providing a registered office, handling legal aspects, accounting services, online marketing, coding and programming, IT services; these are the daily activities of our team.





The company is successfully growing and increasing its turnover. However, we are not resting on our laurels, and together with you, we want to further develop the company and conquer the market. Each year, based on the financial statements, the company distributes its profits among its owners (you as the author) and between us and our investors (represented by our company share INVESTER). Profit is divided according to the size of the share that each party owns.As the company grows, your earnings will increase, and the value of your share will rise accordingly. In the future, you can decide to sell another portion of your share (at a higher price), or alternatively, you can offer investors the option to buy back their shares into your ownership.



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Let's get into it and run a business smartly! Shared economy is our future!

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