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INVESTER is a unique platform through which you can get the resources to carry out your business plan. Whether it is at the stage of an inspiring idea, start-up, stable business, or one-time event. We are cheaper than a loan from a bank. On top of that, you can get feedback from individual investors.

Optionally, we offer other services that will start your project faster, more efficiently, and with a much greater chance of success. We can provide assistance in areas such as financial and project management, human resources, marketing and communications, accounting, legal services, and company formation.


What funding options do I have?

  • selling part of your business share directly to INVESTER
  • selling part of your business share to registered users of platform INVESTER
  • presale of goods or services
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What are the next steps?



I have a great idea and want to turn it into a project

Start with the questionnaire. Link here. The questionnaire is designed to take you through all the steps you need for planing your project. You will realize what you will have to deal with and basically you are going to build the foundation of the business plan. At the end of the questionnaire just click on the Send button.

Your project will be evaluated independently. If it will meet all the requirements, we will put it in the START-UP MARKET section. Here, the public can comment on your project, evaluate it and investors can provide valuable feedback.

In addition, you will obtain your first communication channel. On our site there are hundreds of potential investors who will see your project. 



I have a project and need funding

If the project is well prepared and meets all the requirements, nothing prevents us from placing it in the Projects section. There it is already opened for funding.

To give the project a chance to succeed, the completed form is not enough. In addition, you should determine the share that is available for investors. It may be 10%, but also 100%. The higher the share offer, the greater the likelihood of funding your project. Of course, it is also necessary to think of your part of the business share to cover your costs and work with the project. It is also important to transparently describe how the funds will be used - marketing campaign, purchase of a new truck or personnel costs, etc. This means the project has a plan and a realization timetable. Based on that, it is possible to create a basic business plan, which is often required by investors.

The presentation of the project is an important contribution to project success. Public and investors perceive a short video that introduces you and your plans or already completed projects as a big plus. It is recommended to have your own project website. At the same time when the project is presented on Invester platform for funding up, what is important is the communication of your project. Share it on social networks, notify your friends, or use one of the services we offer to support the successful funding of projects.



Hurray! Project acquired funds for its realization

Congratulations! But this is not the end of your work, on the contrary, most work begins now. It is necessary to physically realize the project, whether it is to start with the programming application or building a house.

INVESTER is not only a platform for project promotion and financing, but it also offers support in the realization phase, which can be quite crucial. In addition, Invester as co-owner of the project brings together the investors, audits the project and supervises the implementation process, because it is in our interest and the interest of individual investors to make good and profitable work.

Not always it is effective to hire full-time employees, primarily because it is a long term commitment and the outcome is uncertain while building marketing campaigns or settings are not so time-consuming so the completed project is able to pay the wage of a marketer. We have contracted professionals through a wide range of professions and execution and they may be available to you. The project then becomes professional and dramatically increases its chance to be successful.

If the project does not obtain funding, there is no need to despair. It may happen that even an excellent project will not raise funding for the first try. It is necessary to revise the plan and presentation, get feedback from potential investors, incorporate all the changes, and get into it again. Even in this, INVESTER is ready to help through marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the project.



Project is working and generates profit

Profit is the purpose of all previous efforts. Once the project begins to generate profit, investors are entitled to receive their share for the risk when putting considerable funds into the project that made your dream reality. If the project is succeeding, you automatically get a salary and the value of your share increases. Gradually, you can purchase the whole project, or sell your share to earn a lot more money.


Are you interested?

Let's get into it and run a business smartly! Shared economy is our future!

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