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Za Hládkovem 680/12, Střešovice, 169 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

IČO: 06098282

VAT: CZ 06098282

Telephone Number: +420 774 715 938



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Hálkova 1406/2, 120 00 Praha 2


Account number: 115 - 4530100277/0100

IBAN Account for EUR Transfer: CZ9701000001154585740247

IBAN Account Transfer USD: CZ1801000001154585670277



CEO & Co-Founder


Jakub has many years of experience in creating Internet projects, design, and visual identity with major business partners. This ensures that your investment experience is simple, understandable, and user-friendly. He is responsible for marketing and IT coordination. His main attributes are diligence and creativity. At INVESTER GROUP SOCIETY a.s. he is co-founder and the largest shareholder.




Jan Hendrych has been in the field of investment for 12 years; his first investment was in the purchase and sale of real estate. He has experience in the construction and development sector. Private investment returns are the main sources of his income. He is currently involved in the coordination of the entire team, compiling and monitoring the company's business, financial and strategic plans. At INVESTER GROUP SOCIETY a.s. in addition to the position of statutory director, he is also the majority owner.

Pavlína Kavková

Account Manager


In INVESTER, Pavlína works as an account manager, takes care of attracting new investors, cares for and creates client support for existing investors. Pavlína is also looking for new business opportunities. Her hobbies include horseback riding, tennis, and traveling.



Member of INVESTER Investment Committee


Mr. Mgr. Petr Mikysek specializes in advocacy services in commercial and financial law. He has many years of experience in establishing and implementing financial companies. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University and subsequently gained experience in AK JUDr. Klára Samková. Since 1998 he has run his own law firm.

Within the INVESTER platform, Mgr. Petr Mikysek is in charge of financial law consulting, legislative processes, the preparation and implementation of the establishment of domestic and foreign companies, incl. legal advices.


Václav Kubata



During his professional career, Václav Kubata has held high managerial positions in multinational financial institutions and electronic media. He was involved in the development of services for small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on project financing and talent search. At the same time, he has worked in the charitable foundations and in politics. At INVESTER GROUP HOLDING s.r.o. he focuses on the search for suitable development and start-up projects, the system of their financing, and work in the INVESTER Club and educational activities, especially among young entrepreneurs.


Business Development Manager


Jana has been in business and marketing for 25 years. She has great experience and knowledge in the field of banking and non-banking products, where she has been working for more than 8 years. Her specialization now includes real estate and commodities such as precious metals and precious stones. She likes to invent new projects. This is also related to various market analyzes, competition, marketing plans, and more. Jana has a marketing education from CIMA A.