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Invester is where investments
go to become success stories.

We are able to obtain the best investment projects, not only from the business environment, but also from science and other industries. We offer expertise and new thinking in a large group of investments. Choose from two types of projects. Whether you invest in start-ups and businesses or you are supporting foundation projects. INVESTER is here for you.


  • Choose an investment project exactly for you
  • Get a share of the company's profit
  • Average yield 10.49% p.a.
  • Support the development of young and ambitious projects


  • Promote a good cause, whether it is medicine or ecology
  • In addition to feeling good, you get various bonuses
  • Wide range of offers from multiple fields
  • Prestigious projects led by professionals
Average yield 10,49% p.a.
Minimum investment 100 €
Smart on-line solution

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Invester is a unique platform for raising capital for your project. At the same time, it offers investors a chance to get a business share in the selected project and earn money from its profit. Invester and its services are for everyone, investments start at only 100€. Ongoing funding and subsequent profits can be comfortably monitored through the deeply developed internet interface.